CORE Strength: How Kargo Powers Cross Channel Performance

February 15, 2024

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Jonathan DiMiceli

Maintaining cross-screen consistency is not just a luxury but a necessity for brands aiming to leave a lasting impression. While creative is still the number one driver of sales, it is critical for brands to do more to break through the clutter and reach today’s consumers across multiple devices with memorable ads. But as consumers flip between devices, from smartphones to laptops and on to the big screen, the answer is not simply great creative but great creative with a cross-channel strategy. Across all media platforms, creative performance drives 47% of sales, and 41% of respondents claimed better recall after seeing ads on different devices.

Given the high costs and lengthy turnaround times associated with the design process, how do brands tackle this seemingly daunting task? Easy - with Kargo’s newly expanded CORE creative suite. 


What is Kargo’s CORE?

Backed by our proprietary Creative Science solution, CORE (Create Once, Run Everywhere) is artfully designed creative that amplifies your brand’s assets across screens. Starting Q1 of 2024, our top performing Runway unit is the first high-impact format to run on desktop with our adhesion, in-article & outstream formats to follow. 

On average, brands have seen a 17% increase in unique reach1 and a 14.2% lift in attention2 when pairing desktop with mobile. With CORE, Kargo empowers brands to reach their audience at the right time, in the right environment, and on the right screen.


Key Benefits of CORE

  • Activate Easily: CORE creatives are available for purchase via direct, PMP (Private Marketplace), and programmatic guaranteed. Kargo is directly integrated with the industry’s leading DSPs.
  • Extend Reach: allows brands to tap into a larger audience base, effectively reaching users on their preferred device. 
  • Retarget & Re-Engage: connect with users across devices creating a more personalized and cohesive experience, increasing conversions and building stronger brand-customer relationships.
  • Optimize Campaigns: Analyze performance + gain valuable insight across devices to improve campaign performance and ensure resources are directed to the most effective channels, reducing waste.

It’s safe to say a multichannel effort allows brands to leverage the strength of each screen to deliver a more fulfilling experience and stand out in today’s crowded digital space. Kargo’s CORE helps brands do this efficiently, effectively and easily.


It’s time to do more with Kargo’s CORE - Dive in here.


1 source: comscore Nov '23, Kargo Audiences. 2 source: Adelaide Global AU Benchmarks 2023

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