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January 7, 2021

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Chris Keune


We all know the cookie is on its last legs. What we all don't know is: what's the next best audience targeting solution? If you're a proactive sort, you've likely been looking for new ways to find and expand your online audience. 

Our Audience to Contextual or ‘A2C’ solution, based on years of cognitive and qualitative contextual research, enables marketers to stay connected to—and build on—their current audiences.  

A2C acts as a bridge between audience and contextual targeting. Analyzing the content consumption trends of existing audiences, we build a custom graph composed of unique contextual signals including sentiment, readability, topic, and behaviors that map to audience IDs, allowing us to have higher fidelity in a cookieless environment. 

By analyzing audiences, marketers can gain valuable insight into their specific interests, behaviors, and sentiments—the foundational layers of context. Having these insights, marketers can craft a holistic view of their consumers’ true motivations. These motivations can reveal insight into their customer journeys’ and how to stay with them contextually every step of the way.  

Benefits of A2C include:

  • Discoverability of new contextual signals to reach new audiences
  • Stateless ID delivery provides privacy compliance
  • Actionable, smart contextual insights to enrich any media plan 
  • Supply-side targeting for higher content accuracy and scalability
  • Unprecedented reach on iOS and Safari audiences 

We praise the value of content and believe that people are what they read—specific audiences with specific interests seek out specific content. This intrinsic behavior gets to the heart of what motivates consumers. Linking specific content across our network of articles and publishers to reach similar audiences with A2C, marketers can start to have more meaningful connections and conversations with their customers. 

As the cookie crumbles, contextual remains one of the most important and persistent identifiers today.  

Learn more about A2C and other solutions available within Kargo’s Contextual Targeting Suite.

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