A Brighter Branding Idea: Kargo Lighthouse

March 4, 2024

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Eugene Glebov

In this world of supersized everything, is bigger always better? When it comes to ad size, the answer is a resounding yes. Simply put: larger ad sizes perform better. The average CTR for bigger ads is more than double the CTR of the standard 300x250 unit. Larger ads aren’t just more clickable - they are also more likely to get conversions. Plus - mobile ads that cover 80% of the screen secured 2x the attention of the average smartphone user versus ads with 50% screen cover and 8x more than ads covering less than 10%. 

But how do brands deliver these ads without compromising user experience? To avoid negative associations, advertisers need to deliver eye-catching messages seamlessly without blocking content.

Time for a Bright Idea: Kargo’s Lighthouse



More than 2x larger than a standard 300x250 unit, the Lighthouse provides an edge-to-edge canvas for your brand's story with no click-to-expand necessary and boasts a 21% higher attention score over standard in-article units.1

And this unit doesn’t cover or displace content. Similar to the beacon that shares its name, the Lighthouse is strategically positioned in the background and gradually comes into full-screen view only when the user scrolls naturally through the content. Then, the unit smoothly exits, keeping the user squarely at the helm at all times during their browsing experience.

This larger format gives Kargo the runway to unleash the power of its Creative Science solution and offers enough space for brands to truly shine. The results? Captivating animations, subtle parallax effects, and dynamic elements that engage users and make an impact.

The Lighthouse unit is responsive and flexible too! It adapts to various devices and paves the way for engaging storytelling.

The possibilities are limitless:  

✔️ Slideshows or galleries
✔️ Vertical or horizontal video 
✔️ Animation plus other mixed media
✔️ Product portfolio or feature exploration via interactive hotspots
✔️ Shoppability through DPA


Let the Lighthouse guide your campaign to bigger and better results with Kargo!


Source 1:  Adelaide Q4, 2023

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