3 Tips For Driving Performance With Mobile Ad Creative

March 29, 2023

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Ashley Hurwitz

Originally featured on StackAdapt


In recent years, the mobile phone has gone from a cutting-edge communications technology to a staple of everyday life. Think back to 2007 when the first iPhone had just hit the market–did any of us have any idea how quickly this tech “fad” would evolve into a critical device that we rely on day in and day out?

 As the demand for mobile phones grew, so did the importance of mobile ads and the need for innovative mobile ad creatives. Today, people around the world spend over three hours a day on their phones. 

Thanks to our attachment to these devices, mobile ads play an important role in modern marketing strategies. To achieve a successful mobile ad campaign, brands need to stand out from the crowd with differentiated and unique creative solutions.

Leveraging innovative ad tech capabilities for your mobile ad creatives will help you create campaigns that capture user attention and in turn, deliver better business outcomes.

Here are three mobile ad creative strategies that are proven to drive campaign success:

1. Leverage Video to Reach Engaged Audiences

Around the world, people watch an average of 16 hours of digital video per week. Much of this content is branded. In fact, 54% of consumers want to see more videos from familiar and often already well-known brands. This means there’s an opportunity for marketers to leverage video to connect with potential and returning customers to further secure and increase brand loyalty.

It’s clear that video will continue to become an increasingly valuable asset to marketers, and with standard advertising leaving users uninspired, it will be crucial for marketers to tap into video’s advanced innovations. 

Video advertising uses visual storytelling to help consumers feel a stronger personal connection with brands. With greater creative possibilities, it is easier for potential consumers to learn about your brand or product via video advertising vs. the limited creative offered by static images and messaging.

2. Use Rich Media Capabilities to Capture Attention

Thanks to innovative ad technology, brands can now utilize rich media ads that will uplift and complement your mobile campaign strategy. Rich media capabilities allow for an interactive viewer experience that captures the attention of users scrolling past your mobile ad creative. 

There are various ways that rich media capabilities can add interactivity to your mobile ad creative. For example, you can leverage a dynamic countdown format in a display ad to retarget users who have previously landed on your website. 

The countdown might remind the consumer that a sale on a product they were viewing is about to end or that a product is only available for a limited amount of time. A dynamic countdown in your mobile ad creative captures attention and communicates a sense of urgency. 

Rich media ads deliver an engaging user experience. Leveraging rich media for your mobile ad creative will help capture attention, resulting in higher interaction rates, increased conversions, click-throughs, and view rates. 

Rich Media Interactive Mobile ad

3. Encourage Action With Shoppable Ad Units

With shoppable ad units, users can buy a product directly through the ad format that they’ve been served. For example, shoppable video ads showcase products while allowing your audience to browse within the banner. 

Leveraging this feature for your mobile ad creative makes it possible for users to go to a product page and purchase–with just one click. This creates a frictionless shopping experience for your audience and can drive higher conversions. 

One of the greatest benefits of shoppable ad units is the ability to collapse the purchase funnel by combining high-impact formats, interactive ad technologies, and exclusive placements across devices and content environments. With the right combination, you can reach your audience throughout every stage of their purchase journey. 

Get Started With Optimizing Your Mobile Ad Campaigns 

Optimize your mobile ad campaigns with video and have your consumers feel a stronger personal connection with your brand. Add rich media capabilities to your ad, as well as shoppable ad units, and capture your consumers’ attention. Want to learn more about how Kargo uses creative science to perfect our ad creatives? Let's chat!

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