How Pharmaceutical Marketers Can Find Their Audience Along the Patient Journey

December 8, 2022

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Isabel Sackner-Bernstein

Marketing for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry has seen massive growth in the United States. In fact, digital spending continues to increase year-over-year, with pharma and healthcare budgets projected to hit $20 billion by 2024. Clearly, there is big opportunity within this sector, but many pharmaceutical companies still lack a consumer-centric approach. By focusing too much on the product, you neglect prospective audiences as they navigate their own patient journey.

Understanding who is the best audience for your product at each stage of the discovery phase is key, but finding healthcare consumers can be hard. Targeting (and focusing) on the customer's needs at each step of their journey is crucial to building deeper loyalty, driving more effective interactions, and leaving a lasting impression. 

Kargo’s got the prescription to find, engage, and convert your audiences through our unique ad executions, proprietary targeting capabilities, and premium scale. 

The Symptomatic Stage

  • Implement a Blended Targeting Approach: Find new, qualified consumers and expand your reach by leveraging both Kargo’s Custom Cohort contextual and predicted keyword targeting.
  • Prioritize the Over the Counter Purchaser: A patient’s journey often starts with an over the counter purchase. Convert OTC purchasers into Rx consumers using 3rd party data targeting — from your partner of choice.
  • Unbranded, Awareness-Focused Creative: Build brand trust to drive consumers through your purchase funnel with messaging that helps educate and inform.

The Diagnosed Stage

  • Post-Visit Follow Up: Site visitors are your hottest leads so make sure you keep the conversation going. Placing a site pixel is critical to identifying and strategically retargeting this active audience.
  • Doubledown During Awareness Months: Dedicated awareness months and events are the perfect opportunity to utilize high impact solutions that provide high SOV amongst an already engaged and activated audience.
  • Supplement with Precision Targeting: Leveraging healthcare data providers — such as Crossix, IQVIA, Swoop, and MedicX — to build highly targeted 3rd party segments is proven to drive audience quality.

The Treatment Stage

  • Conquest Marketing: Competitive conquesting through keyword targeting is effective in gaining in-market consumers during this final decision-making stage of the customer journey.
  • Focus on Support Audiences: Caregivers are an important part of healthcare decision-making and provide a huge opportunity for marketers. Through keyword targeting, cohort segmenting, and longitudinal studies, Kargo has formulated the perfect strategy to reach this crucial audience.
  • The Power of Creative: Targeting is key to getting in front of the right audience, but creative is what ultimately drives 75% of a campaign’s effectiveness (IPSOS). Engage consumers with eye-catching, unique formats that expand beyond the banner to amplify content that educates and enriches consumers.

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