Snapchat + Kargo Commerce: A Dynamic Duo for your Brand

July 25, 2023

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Bailey Moran

Yes, we can all agree that launching a social advertising campaign is a must for brands looking to engage today’s consumers, but is it as simple as plug into Facebook and Instagram and play? While these well known channels may be your go-to solution, looking beyond their reach and adding dimension to your campaign may be the key to success. So what is the answer for brands looking to go beyond Facebook and Instagram to energize and expand their social advertising campaign and ultimately drive stronger results? The answer: Snapchat 

Delivering a massive and differentiated audience, Snapchat offers brands the unique opportunity to utilize a full-screen and totally immersive experience to connect with an extremely loyal and engaged user base. Offering a larger audience than Pinterest and Twitter, Snapchat is a valuable platform that can broaden a campaign’s reach with over 750 million monthly active users*. This extensive reach represents  75% of Millennials and Gen-Z’ers and affords brands the opportunity to make a big impact with a younger crowd - including current and future shoppers, influencers, and household decision-makers. 

Snapchat is a fun and fast-paced app where brands can unleash their creative ideas onto a receptive audience using fully interactive and engaging ads. By offering many options for customization, such as lenses and inventive ad formats, Snapchat makes it easy for brands to create a branded ad that fits seamlessly into the users' experience. Sounds too good to be true? 

Well, nothing is perfect, and while the expanded reach and enhanced creativity that Snapchat offers is compelling, we know some marketers have questions about creative capabilities, scale, automation and feed when using Snapchat’s native ad creation tool. The solution? Kargo Commerce. The Kargo Commerce team leads the industry in social advertising, and our proprietary tech is here to augment the benefits of Snapchat and ensure campaigns are reaching their full potential and delivering the best possible results for your brand. 

Kargo Commerce Delivers Amazing Results on Snapchat

Social platforms offer a wealth of opportunities for advertisers, but given the work that goes into managing and maintaining advertising campaigns, it can prove challenging for brands to grab the attention of their desired audience and retain it throughout the life of the campaign. Creative ad fatigue presents a real problem for brands and having the tools and expertise to identify and rectify this fatigue is a critical piece in the successful management of social campaigns. While Snapchat does provide brands assistance in the creative building process, many of their creative offerings are limited and offer little to no customization. In addition, scalability is severely impacted when a marketing team relies purely on the native capabilities of a social platform and often results in a prohibitive level of manual work when the need for optimization and/or creative updates surfaces. This is precisely where Kargo Commerce comes in! 

Brands can stand out from the crowd with best-in-class ads through Kargo Commerce’s Creative Suite for Snapchat and build dynamic and stunning ads that are on-brand and support multi-variate creative testing, automated scheduled updates, cross channel reporting and ad previews. 



  • Quickly update overlays by using Dynamic Image Tagging: Apply overlay templates across multiple ads and edit creatives in bulk across multiple campaigns with ease.
  • Save time and avoid ad fatigue with scheduled designs: easily schedule multiple designs in advance and seamlessly update/promote holiday sales and countdown campaigns for a specific flight date.
  • Effortlessly build impactful creatives with proven creative templates: save time and resources and stand out from the crowd by accessing a library of off-the-shelf templates built by industry-leading designers.
  • Drive conversions with interactive lower-funnel elements: dynamically include elements such as buy online/pick up in store, star ratings, top rating badges and more into your creative that engage the consumer and ultimately, drive conversions.
  • Enjoy a streamlined ad management process: see exactly how your ads appear to the end user and easily share this feedback with your team. 
  • Benefit from flexible reporting with third party data: Monitor and troubleshoot ad performance with easy to digest summaries and receive these reports in one place - wherever, whenever and however you want them.
  • Optimize with advanced testing: test every element of your ad to deliver the highest-performing creative combinations that drive the best conversion rates for your brand.

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*Snap Inc. internal data Q1 2023." "Source: Earnings release (Q1'23)

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