Snapchat x Kargo Raise The Bar to Provide Consumer Engagement and Brand Impact on Shoppable Ads

April 3, 2024

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We know that humans are social animals and that we react to the world around us. We like seeing what our friends are doing and buying - and we often join them. Our social connections strongly influence our behavior - in particular our buying behavior. And this is where Snapchat comes in. Snapchatters have a significant global spending power of $4.4 trillion¹ , and close friends on Snapchat have 1.7X  more influence on purchasing decisions²  than other platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Snapchat is a powerful and important vehicle for advertisers who are looking to drive consumer engagement, increase revenue and stretch their ad spend. 

By reaching 414 million daily active users³, Snapchat offers advertisers the opportunity to connect with an extremely loyal and engaged audience. Brands can make their existing budgets work even harder by utilizing Snapchat ads to reach 75% of Gen Z millennials in 25+ countries4 and convert them into brand advocates. Plus - advertisers can easily create and optimize ads with a single photo, maximizing their dollars even more.

Snapchat's dynamic ads, in particular, can help brands display the right product to the right audience at the right time. But with limited overlay options available, can brands do more to achieve better outcomes?


Yes They Can + Here’s How:

With our enhanced and highly customizable solutions, Kargo puts brands in the driver’s seat giving them complete control over the look and feel of their ads. Empowered by the cutting-edge technology of Kargo’s unparalleled creative suite, users can automate design personalization and create distinct ads at scale. Within seconds, advertisers can seamlessly integrate on-brand overlays, incorporating sale prices, promotional messages, and delivery information.

Kargo tested a variety of ads with several successful retailers, including American Eagle and Tillys, to understand how enhanced creative influences purchase intent on Snapchat. Overall, Kargo-enhanced ads showed a 61% uplift in shopping click-through rates than non-enhanced ads. Additionally, when looking at the group of users who are likely to take action after seeing a Kargo-enhanced Snap ad, nearly 40% said they are likely to visit the store in person. 


Creative enhancements that drive results include: 

  • Reduced Pricing Strikethroughs to highlight sales opportunities
    • 2x more clicks on the "Shop" button
  • Prominent Product Placement with Promotions
    • 38% lift in purchase intent
  • Strong Brand Messaging with Bright Colors
    •  40% lift in intended store visit 


The best part: these enhancements are easy to implement with Kargo! Snapchat is a must-buy for advertisers, and Kargo helps make ads on Snap even more effective.

Snap into action  +  do more on Snapchat with Kargo!





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4 Snap Inc. internal data Q4 2023. Penetration calculated as monthly active users (MAU) divided by 2021 population estimates per the 2022 United Nations World Population Prospects

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