Safety First: CTV Transparency Is Key to Protecting Brand Reputation

April 29, 2024

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Bradley Umane

In light of declining traditional TV viewership, the significance of CTV has only magnified, with projections indicating that ad spending is set to soar to nearly $41 billion by 2027. This staggering figure reflects the unwavering confidence advertisers place in CTV's ability to effectively create more meaningful and personalized experiences. However, the rapid ascent of this new channel is not without challenges. A primary concern that has emerged alongside the growth is the potential for ads to be placed next to undesirable content, including divisive or misleading political news, violent movies, or within fraudulent apps. An extensive review of available CTV supply has shed light on the reputation-damaging instances that a brand would want to exclude and underscores the critical need for enhanced visibility into ad placements to safeguard brand integrity and ensure a positive advertising environment. 

In the fast-evolving CTV landscape, it's not enough to simply place ads based on audience demographics or broad content categories. Instead, when advertising in long-form content, it's critical to leverage AI to conduct deep contextual analysis, ensuring that advertisements are placed in scenes and environments that align with a brand's values and messaging. This level of scrutiny and transparency is paramount in protecting brand integrity in a space as dynamic as CTV. Without these proper filters in place, ads from prestigious brands can be seen close to content that starkly contrast with their brand values. This misalignment not only poses risks to brand safety but also calls into question the effectiveness of current CTV strategies. 

The call for a more sophisticated and transparent advertising ecosystem is clear. By harnessing advanced contextual and semantic analysis tools & providing detailed show-level reporting, Kargo aims to offer advertisers the clarity and confidence needed to make informed decisions about their big screen investments. As we chart the path forward, we are committed to leading the charge in developing solutions that ensure advertisers can continue to rely on CTV as a trusted and effective medium to build their brand.

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