The Story Behind: Our newest 3D experiences - Key Art Cube, Revolve & Emerge

February 22, 2021

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Mitch Krumm

Everyone remembers their first 3D movie experience. The excitement you felt as you walked into the theater with your overpriced, extra large soda and popcorn. The anticipation as you situate yourself from the optimal viewing seat—middle section slightly toward the back. And the thrill as the opening credits roll and you are prompted to put on your 3D glasses. With the glow of the screen you are instantly immersed into an underwater world where a group of fish come darting towards you, leaving a trail of water bubbles floating in front of your face. 

You can almost feel the motion, becoming so engaged with this new world rising up around you, you almost forget the real world. That is, until your natural instinct causes you to reach out to touch the elements around you but to your surprise, you are left only feeling air.  

This same 3D experience has been hard to capture on mobile web—until now. Kargo continues to push the limits on what a small 2D screen can do. Building on the success of our 3D Shift and 3D Wrap concepts, we’re excited to announce a new wave of 3D ad executions ready to grab your audiences by the eyeballs and drive consumer engagement rates.




The Key Art Cube is an interactive new play on the image carousel. Every 3 seconds, the unit flips to reveal another side of the cube, rotating both left to right, and up and down. After the fourth frame flips, it goes back to the first frame and starts rotating again. Users can tap anywhere on the ad unit to visit the advertiser’s site to learn more.


Emerge is a stylish execution that works within any of our in-article ad slots like KeyArt and Venti. Upon scrolling to the ad, a user will initially see one hero product in the center of the space. As they continue scrolling, more product versions—different colorways for example—fan out from behind the central image, creating a sense that the central product is popping out of the page.

Just like the best 3D theater experiences, these ad executions catch your eye, steal your attention and prompt you to reach out and touch, but this time, as you reach out, you can actually influence what’s happening before your eyes. No funky glasses necessary!


True to its name, Revolve enables a user to rotate around a product to explore it from every angle. When Revolve loads, it invites users to swipe and explore all 360-degrees of the featured product. If they don’t, the ad collapses into a Sidekick unit that can be re-expanded at any time. 


The revolve execution is also available as a full-screen rich media experience called Revolve Expandable. In this iteration, the ad opens as either a Breakaway or Sidekick. When tapped, it expands to full-screen size, where users can swipe to explore the product in a 360 fashion as well as tap hotspots to get more information.  

Landing Page Demo_Key Art CubeLanding Page Demo_EmergeLanding Page Demo_Revolve

Reach out to learn more about how to add one of these units to your next campaign!

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