The Story Behind: 3D Shift & 3D Wrap

February 5, 2020

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Brittany Bobo


No matter the application, 3D experiences enthrall us. Have you ever gone to the movie theater and chosen to see a film in 3D, rather than choosing the usual 2D experience? The movie-goers throw on their 3D glasses and are taken aback by every movement that jumps off of the screen and takes them by surprise.

We love to be immersed in these types of experiences, yet the mobile web has so few of them. Because our digital world is inherently flat and 2D in nature, Kargo’s award-winning Ad Design team wanted to focus on 3D as a part of our 2020 innovation roadmap.

Introducing… 3D Wrap & 3D Shift


Inspired by 3D motion designers across the globe, we set out to conceptualize ways to bring an element of 3D to our ad formats in a way that has never existed before at Kargo. How do we recreate these visually immersive experiences to engage and attract consumers on a device that is inherently flat and 2D in nature?  Our goal was to create concepts that appeared to jump off of the page and really caught the users’ attention. In doing so, 3D Wrap and 3D Shift were born. Luckily, no 3D goggles were needed! 

By moving assets in front of and behind one another and playing with the X and Y axes simultaneously, we are able to achieve the illusion of shadow and depth within the ad slot. These subtle, yet effective, design and animation styles occur in harmony, allowing a brand’s assets to come forward and live beyond the dimensions of the flat screen.

When we think of 3D, we think of playfulness, immersiveness, and an element of surprise. Simple enhancements to the quality of the design, such as 3D, are proven to combat banner blindness and drive engagement amongst consumers. We have confidence that the new 3D Wrap and 3D Shift executions will do just that, all while captivating the user in a new way.

Take our 3D ads for a test drive! 



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