August 31, 2017

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Elisa Malojer

There’s a wide pool of mobile users marketers can reach with their perfect brand message. Equipped with brilliant creative and impressive campaigns, agencies prepare to seduce an audience by capturing their attention in engaging ways. Yet, amazing content isn’t enough.

A crucial addition to executing successful mobile ad campaigns starts with the efficiency and reliability of your data and distribution network. Luckily, most advertisers have a very clear understanding of who their ideal user is: “Millennial Capricorns in the Northeast” or “Commuters who drink coffee between 6-9am.” But while reaching a brand’s already established demographic is important, how do you discover and reach those who could be new admirers?

Traditional targeting methods are sometimes seen as surgical tools to circumscribe a relevant audience. However, the “less is more” philosophy can go a long way when searching for new brand fan prospects. A number of factors are a part of the equation: device type, carrier, geo-location, lifestyle and demographic indicators like age, income, education and special interests. For example, back to school campaign can appeal to both the shopper and the end user, encompassing kids, teens, moms, and dads, as well as those who are educated and those with less schooling, from high and low income brackets – the possibilities are endless when it comes to peddling pencils & crayons in August.

So why focus narrowly when there’s so much room to expand?  




Here’s how it works:

Leverage Audience DataBrand X wants to target: on-the-go moms, 25-35, health conscious, with young kids, who needs to make dinner tonight.
Build on Contextual Indicators: Brand X wants to land on content that’s  tailored to parenting, food, recipe tips, and women’s lifestyle and health.
Kargo One Insights: Leveraging historical mobile behavior campaign learnings with predictive technology and our custom built key lists, we make use of historically mom-focused campaigns to find people who’ve read or engaged with content that’s in line with the audience that Brand X is seeking.


The result of implementing the graph vs. standard placement tools? Internal studies show the potential for 10x more scale and 5x stronger KPI’s. 
Creating good design and storytelling will always ignite interest. But using the right data to find those who’ll be interested increases your chance at a match. And broadening your horizons by expanding your search pool may change your understanding of the "perfect user,” What’s not to love about that?

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