the story behind: The HighRise

July 24, 2019

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Scott Johnson

At Kargo, we believe that putting art into adtech is the key to brands connecting with their audiences. So when it comes to ad innovation, our strategy is to invoke human emotion. We know that starting there, with the consumer at the forefront, will drive performance outcomes on the backend.


Listening to the needs of our partners, they were looking for more non-intrusive, high performant options that move the needle in regards to their primary KPIs. Concurrently, they sought to capture their consumers’ imagination in a more qualitative way. Thus ensued the creation of the HighRise unit, the newest format to our award-winning creative suite.

Inspired by the construction of the highrise building we have been watching develop from the window of our NYC office, this non-intrusive, in-article creative is sure to capture your audience’s attention. Featuring scroll reactive functionality, the unit “rises” into a full-screen Venti (460px) and resizes down (50px) as the user navigates the page.

After thorough testing, we found the HighRise averaged 2x higher CTRs compared to standard banners and a 23% increase in viewability when compared to Kargo’s standard Venti unit.


With that, our team is proud to officially release the HighRise - a proven equally creative and effective ad format.


All Kargo custom creatives can be built within a 24hr turnaround time and activated direct or programatically across our premium marketplace. View our ad specs.



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