The Story Behind: Swipe Up & Tri-Plex

February 4, 2021

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James Falzone & Natasha Super

Consumer attention. It’s what every brand craves. And not just the kind that can be measured in clicks. We are in the era of the gaze and the battle to capture—and hold—wandering eyes and minds on your ad for just . . . one . . . more . . . second. 

Disruption works as a big attention grabber in offline advertising. But as we know in digital, disrupting often ends in a user clicking away from the ad and the content they’re seeing it in. Not good for advertisers or publishers.  That’s why Kargo focuses on developing new ad products designed to interest rather than interrupt. We do that by really paying our attention to human emotions and behaviors. One of our favorite hooks: Curiosity. Because once you feel it, it’s hard not to act on it.

Think about it. How many times has an amazing cliff-hanger episode ever made you watch the next? Or you spotted a celeb in a cool tee and Googled yourself silly until you found who made it and where you can buy it. You know how it works: Curiosity kicks in, clicks follow. That’s the goal of our two new units.

Introducing Kargo’s newest ad-formats: Swipe Up & Tri-Plex!


Swipe_Landing Page DemoSWIPE UP:

The Swipe Up loads on a webpage as a small 320x100 banner and gently bounces to attract attention. A cue to ‘swipe up’ lets a user know that there’s more to this ad than what’s in view. Curiosity kicks in and the user swipes to expand the ad to ¾ of the screen, so as not to cover the editorial that brought the user there in the first place. 

This new format owes its name to the user behavior we witnessed upon testing. Most people who interacted with this ad swiped up to expand it, as opposed to clicking on it. Maybe it’s the bouncing animation, or maybe it’s that we’re accustomed to swiping (more than clicking on) our phones these days. What is certain is that curious users expand these interactive ads at 2x greater than our standard ad CTR benchmark.



Triplex_Landing Page Demos



Yes, you’re seeing triple. No it doesn’t mean you need an eye exam. Inspired by the Sidekick, the Tri-Plex builds upon one of our most popular units by providing three times the opportunity to experience the brand and product.

One of the most dynamic features of the Tri-Plex is that it supports three feature highlights that work together as a brand awareness ad, but can expand individually upon click to promote more in-depth product exploration. The expanded states can feature either display and video creative. Tri-Plex is a win for advertisers eager to speed a consumer’s trip down the funnel, and a win for consumers who get to follow their curiosity and control the experience. 


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