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Women’s Sports Can Launch the Next Era in CTV Advertising
By Billie Hirsh on June 3, 2024

Originally featured on ANA

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Old Navy’s 'Bodequality' is the First Step in Truly Inclusive Commerce
By Billie Hirsh on October 4, 2021

As Featured On WOMENinRETAIL

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Finding the Future of Measurement with Cohorts
By Billie Hirsh on August 17, 2021

As Featured On Advertising Week In Partnership With Upwave

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How To Make Mobile Creative Work In Six Seconds Or Less
By Billie Hirsh on July 19, 2021

As Featured On The Drum

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Small Sites Got NCAA Women’s Basketball News Right
By Billie Hirsh on May 10, 2021

The final March Madness game between Gonzaga and Baylor might not have been as exciting as that last minute half-court shot by Jalen Suggs, but I was still surprised to hear that ratings...

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