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5 Effective Advertising Habits to Make Your Brand Shine
By Ashley Hurwitz on November 10, 2022

In today’s world, everywhere you look, we are bombarded by ads. From mobile banners to highway billboards, the average person is exposed to 6,000 to 10,000 ads every single day. 

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3 Ways to Make Creative Work Better in Today’s Economic Climate
By Brittany Spicer on October 24, 2022

As featured on ANA   People are exposed to about 10,000 ads per day. From Instagram ads to Google search results to commercials on TV – not every ad is going to be memorable or relevant....

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Stop Wasting Your Ad Spend On Made-For-Advertising Publishers
By Tal Almany on September 16, 2022

As featured in AdExchanger There’s a new TLA (“three-letter acronym”) that’s crept into the media-buying conversation. MFA: Made-for-advertising content.

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Four Fearful Strategies to Avoid to Survive Economic Instability
By Bradley Umane on September 14, 2022

Global crisis. A widespread pandemic. Rising inflation. The past few years have definitely put businesses and consumers through the wringer. As we face another recession (or continue to be...

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The New Brand Priorities in Digital Advertising
By Kyle Green on August 30, 2022

As featured in What's New in Publishing

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The Story Behind: Celebrating Pride
By Kargo Diversity & Inclusion Team on August 25, 2022

During the month of June, countries across the globe rally around honoring and celebrating the LGBTQ+ community. While most people are aware that June is celebrated as Pride month, not many...

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How Brands are Fighting Ad Fatigue with New Creative Strategies
By Michael Shaughnessy on August 10, 2022

As featured on ANA

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Understanding Attention Metrics in Advertising
By Ashley Hurwitz on July 27, 2022

Attention is the newest metric to hit the ad industry, but is it actually effective? Kargo ran its first digital campaign guaranteeing media quality with attention, and the results were...

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Content, Commercials And Commerce: The Future Of Ads On Netflix
By Chris Keune on May 23, 2022

As featured on AdExchanger 

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Meet Kargo’s Chief People Officer: Heidi Gray
By Kargo Insider on April 12, 2022

We are excited to welcome Heidi Gray to the team as Chief People Officer. As a visionary leader, Heidi brings a fresh perspective to culture and engagement, talent management, learning and...

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