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The Story Behind: Swipe Up & Tri-Plex
By James Falzone & Natasha Super on February 4, 2021

Consumer attention. It’s what every brand craves. And not just the kind that can be measured in clicks. We are in the era of the gaze and the battle to capture—and hold—wandering eyes...

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Black Businesses Matter
By Kargo Diversity & Inclusion Team on February 3, 2021

Support for the Black Lives Matter movement is not a passing trend from 2020, but a lifelong call to the private-sector to evolve. In the wake of the protests last summer, Kargo...

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AdNews 'Young Guns' Spotlight: Eliza Banks, NSW Sales Manager
By Kargo Insider on January 28, 2021

As Seen On AdNews

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The Dissolution of IDFA
By Kargo Insider on January 27, 2021

With the release of iOS14, Apple has stated that IDFA will no longer be auto-enabled on devices for each app. IDFA is the device level identifier with which advertisers target, track and...

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Publishers Have A Window Of Opportunity To Change Google And Facebook
By Michael Shaughnessy on January 26, 2021

As Featured On AdExchanger As we come out of the fog of 2020, we must remember the five incredibly important investigations happening right now that affect the way content is discovered,...

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Publishers Are Taking a Bite of the $161 Billion Local Ad Market
By Michael Shaughnessy on January 15, 2021

As Featured On AW360 Many big brands pulled their spend from Facebook in July to protest what they called “HateForProfit”, pressuring Facebook into better policing of the misinformation...

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Discover New Audiences with Kargo’s A2C Solution
By Chris Keune on January 7, 2021

We all know the cookie is on its last legs. What we all don't know is: what's the next best audience targeting solution? If you're a proactive sort, you've likely been looking for new...

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2021 Predictions in Life & Ad Technology
By Harry Kargman on January 4, 2021

Happy first work day of 2021 everyone! School is starting up and better days are on the horizon. Sadly, we are going into what may be one of the bleakest months for the record books. On...

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NEW REPORT: Social Embed Q3 2020 Data & Insights
By Kargo Insider on December 10, 2020

Publishers use social embeds to tap into cultural moments and enhance the timeliness and relevance of a story in categories such as sports, entertainment, news, fashion, and more. Our...

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an interview with CafeMedia
By Michael Shaughnessy on December 9, 2020

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